Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Until next year...

Judah's appointments went well overall.

Our time with the craniofacial team at BoysTown was a breeze. Only [mostly] good reports there! The big procedures that are yet to come are far enough down the road that we still don't really have to think about them much. There will be another palate repair, but Judah's new plastic surgeon is confident that it will be a relatively simple fix and Judah should respond well. That won't happen for at least another year. All the dental work that needs to be done won't start being necessary until Judah hits 5 or 6, and then there will be several procedures over the next several years. Blech. We enjoyed reconnecting with the other specialists we saw that day, and we had fun hearing them "Ooh" & "Aah" over all the progress Judah has made in the last year. They really are a great team.

The round of urology tests that took place at Children's went...well, I guess. I mean, probably as well as they could have, given everything Judah underwent that day. That kid is truly a rock star. He inspires me. There has been just enough improvement in Judah's reflux that we can wait until next year to re-test, and should still be able to put off a major surgical repair until he's 6. Huh. That could be a big year for him. Blech. Anyway, I'm encouraged, because although his kidneys & whole urological system are pretty much a mess, he's staying infection-free & his quality of life is great! Should he end up with any more kidney infections, the doctor would do the repairs then; but so far so good.

Thanks so much for praying that day! I still wrestle with "Why God?" Syndrome sometimes (super frustrating, because I feel like I should be WAY beyond that by now!!!), but I believe that God works in my heart through your prayers and continues to draw me to Himself even as I question. I believe that your prayers are powerful in Judah's life, even though I can't see it...yet.

P.S. Judah is learning how to put his coat on at school! He totally surprised me the other day before school when he almost got it on all by himself! Each time he masters a new task/skill, or even gets close, his whole face lights up! It's so much fun to see. My little boy is growing up:)