Tuesday, March 13, 2012


When will I learn that there is never a simple, black-and-white answer or outcome when it comes to my darling little stinker? He is no longer that naive, innocent little person who has no idea what's coming or what to expect during a test. He is not so trusting anymore. Now...he knows. The test was completely inconclusive, because Judah was completely uncooperative. The test didn't even officially happen. I guess that's better than a fail, but frustrating all the same. He'll have to start seeing the Speech Therapist at Childrens again (good thing we like her so much!) for a little while so we can start "trialing" him. We'll gradually start thinning his liquids and watch for signs of aspiration. I have no idea how long a process like this takes, but I'm still optimistic. I thinned his water at lunch today and he drank it like he's been drinking that consistency forever. Not a single sputter. That's definitely a good sign!

In spite of the fact that he didn't do a single thing that he was supposed to today, he still got to pick a prize out of the treasure chest...of course:) I love watching him do this, because to me it's such a normal, big boy thing to do. Just like any other 2 1/2 yr. old! After much deliberation, he came home with a bath book.

Thanks for praying!
Today is a big, and potentially life-changing, day for Judah. He has another diglutition (swallow study) this morning. I'm nervous about it, because the results of this test today come with long term ramifications. If he fails - meaning he still aspirates any kind of thin liquids - then he has to stay on a thickened liquid diet. That means he continues to drink veeery little fluids on his own, and the G button becomes much more permanent than it is now. Granted, Judah does have a tendency to surprise me; however, this is a road he's been on for a long time, so unless there is drastic change today I don't see any drastic progress in his near future.

If he passes - meaning he doesn't aspirate anything - then he gets to start over in this whole liquids department. That would be a VERY GOOD thing! He would be able to drink any kind of liquid without the thickening agent in it...which means he could drink in a completely new-to-him way...which means he would steadily learn to drink more and more and more in a day...which means he would be taking steps to becoming independent of that button! I don't even want to think about how wonderful and freeing that would be for him, because if it doesn't happen it will be that much more disappointing. I'm cautiously optimistic this morning. Judah has gotten so much stronger all around. He's eating all kinds of foods - different thicknesses, textures, finger foods - so I'm guessing that the muscles and coordination involved in swallowing have also gotten way stronger and have significantly matured. YAY! I would appreciate you all praying for the details involved in this...and my heart that might be dealing with significant disappointment today.

Judah is almost completely recovered from eye surgery. He has 3 stitches yet to dissolve, but his ointment is gone and the scars are already fading. And let me just say, I thought he was into everything before; but now he's really into everything! He's getting more frustrated with me, because I'm saying no more, because he's seeing things and manipulating with 2 hands things that he couldn't or didn't before. It's a learning experience for both of us, but it's GREAT for him!

Judah graduated to the table yesterday! He's been in a booster/highchair since he was a baby; but I decided that it was time to get rid of the tray and move to a booster seat at the table. He looks so cute sitting at the table, and now he can be with the rest of us. He knows he's big stuff, too:)