Wednesday, September 3, 2014

He's a Rock Star

Well, he's finally tired! Judah has been through 2 1/2 weeks of all day kindergarten, and it's finally catching up to him. I thought for sure he'd be falling asleep at the dinner table, or on the way home from school, or crashing at 7. But no. These last 2 mornings, however, I've been getting him dressed while he's sleeping! And, for the first time, he was not ready for school. I had to walk him in and leave him crying in his classroom doorway. Not fun. Bless his amazing teacher and para:) Apart from this morning, he has seemed to love every minute of school! He made a special hat one day and wore it into the evening at home.

He has filled the side of our fridge with pictures and notes from his teachers.

He is obsessed with his teacher's hair. "It's so long! Her hair is brown!" He LOVES his PE teacher. His whole little face lights up when he talks about Mr. Hesik! Every single day he walks out of the building, runs to me with a big smile on his face, gives me a big hug and says... "Can we go home now?" Ha! He loves school, but he's ready to come home and snuggle.

Everyday I hear various kids saying hi or bye to him, by name. His teacher said that his first week went really well! There are challenges that we knew there would be and were ready for; but there are also things we thought would be a challenge and they haven't been! She said he's happy and energetic about everything and he loves to participate. Yup, no surprise there. His services have been going well, and he seems to enjoy the time he gets with each one of his providers. It's been so fun to "watch" him experience all of these new things through the eyes of Lydia & Ezra who see him at school. AND, he's even telling me things about school and is able to answer some of my questions! This is a HUGE change from preschool! He's grown a lot over the summer. Oh, and if I could just brag about one more little thing. He totally read 27 sight words one day at school last week. This kid is amazing.

We finally moved from the 5 point harness to the big boy seat belt! It was a big day for everyone;)