Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Has it really been a YEAR since I last escaped to this secluded spot? That's almost impossible to believe...and yet the dates don't lie. When I think about everything that Judah has experienced and accomplished in the last 14 months, I'm completely overwhelmed! Wanna know one of the best parts? Judah has spent the last 17 months at home - not one hospitalization!!! God has been so abundantly gracious and generous in equipping and enabling us to meet Judah's needs at home, with the help of amazing doctors, so that we have been able to treat every illness and infection without a single admit. I never saw this day coming. I thought it wasn't possible. BUT GOD is the author of Judah's story and his Healer, and He has something else in mind for this little lion. Judah's status could change at any time. He could be admitted today...we have learned to accept the fact that we just never really know with him. But, I am thankful for every day that God gifts him with good health, and I will be thankful that the experts are available to him when he does need them again 24/7.

In the last 14 months Judah has hit a ridiculous amount of milestones. So many things that I have taken for granted with my other kids because they naturally hit them at the "normal" appointed time and without much effort. He has changed drastically in the area of social interaction. He's met fine and gross motor skills. He's running, jumping, marching, dancing, singing, initiating conversation, speaking in full sentences, telling "knock knock" jokes, imitating his siblings to death, talking about school and his new friend, wanting to do everything his brothers do, throwing, kicking, climbing, problem-solving, sounding out words, writing words, spelling his name, writing his name, climbing stairs upright, and, as always, winning the hearts of the people that are lucky enough to come into contact with him. Do you see that  list? There are HUGE things on there. And he does them ALL INDEPENDENTLY!!! Do you see God all over this? Because I do! I see God's fingerprints all over that little fire ball when I look at him! To think that we didn't know if he was going to live...if he was going to make eye contact...if he was going to hold his head up...roll over...sit He's done it ALL, and he's done it on God's time, with his own endearing, adorable style. I'm floored by God's goodness in this journey, and by His work in the mind and body of just one little boy who has been so underestimated and misjudged at times.

When I'm able I'll post a blog of pictures and videos from the last year. You won't believe the changes he's made, how much he's grown up! He's still way too adorable - way too sweet and snuggly and funny - but he's looking more and more like a big boy. Just like he is:)