Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cancel That

Judah was supposed to be prepped for surgery as we speak, but we are home instead. Yesterday was a weird day for him. He woke up early, and by 9:00 was falling asleep again in his highchair. He slept for a  couple hours until we woke him up for PT. He didn't handle that too well, so we rescheduled PT. For the next couple of hours he slept fitfully. He was restless, uncomfortable. I kept waiting for him to spike a fever and throw up, but he never did. Early afternoon he finally settled down into a deep sleep...and slept and slept and slept. Not knowing exactly what was going on in that little body, I just wasn't comfortable allowing him to go under anesthesia., so I cancelled the procedure late yesterday afternoon. He perked up at supper time, and actually played and ate. He went to bed around 10 and had a great night. This morning he's Jolly Judah again:) As disappointing as it is to delay this procedure, I know I made the right call. Judah's body needs to recover from whatever plagued it yesterday, and he needs to eat!

Thanks for praying for this day! I'll let you all know what the new date is. Praise Jesus with me that Judah is OK, and that he's not sick! That little boy scares me sometimes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Boys Town Procedure

Judah and I were headed to Boys Town this morning at 5 AM! I. Am. Tired. BUT everything went smoothly during Judah's surgery & ABR test. The surgeon expected to find nasal, non-bacterial mucous in Judah's ears since he showed no sign of infection. He doesn't know Judah. Little Lion's ears are full of infection and inflammation. Oh, how I love the mysteries of my a-symptomatic son. The dr. cleaned him up and got the new tubes in without a hitch! The ABR results were a surprise. They expected to find moderate hearing loss because of the inflammation in his ears, the thickness of the ear drums due to infection, and the drops that the dr. used when he replaced the tubes; however, the results showed MILD hearing loss. Meaning, once Judah's ears are healthy again in a couple of weeks this should improve. We'll try another hearing test sometime down the road, possibly another ABR; but we expect him to be fine. Without any improvement he would need hearing aids...but we're not going there, because he'll be just fine.

It was really weird being somewhere else for this procedure, but at least there were no hiccups, and we didn't have to be there long. We were home by 10:30 this morning:)

Thanks so much for praying!!! I'm constantly blessed and encouraged and humbled by the sheer volume of prayers that are brought before the Throne on his/our behalf!

P.S. I love Children's.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Procedure Dates

Just wanted to let you all know when you can be praying for Judah! His tubes/ABR procedure is this coming Monday, the 12th. We'll be at Boys Town, our 1st time away from Children's. The procedure & test will be quick and easy, Lord willing, so we should be back home mid-morning. Judah's eyelid procedure is on the 28th of this month at the Med. Center. 2nd time away from Children's, but another out-patient procedure that should be without complications. I appreciate prayer for Judah and all the details surrounding these dates, as well as the week of recovery following the lid surgery. I'd also appreciate prayer for my heart as I battle anxiety about being away from "home" for these procedures.

Thanks everyone!!!