Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My little Mr. BIG

Judah has made it a habit recently of blowing past my expectations and saying in myriad ways, "Mom, you underestimate me!" I still want to treat him like a baby. He is my baby, being the youngest; but I too often treat him like a baby-baby. He's showing me that he understands just about every word that comes out of my mouth. So what if he can't speak? He knows. He's attempting things physically that I didn't think he could. He's imitating his siblings and trying new things all the time. He's way smarter than he gets credit for...and sadly, I'm to blame for much of that. I get stuck in a certain mindset and I miss things. I'm embarrassed to admit that in just the last few weeks I've started talking to him like he's a regular 2 1/2 yr. old kid, assuming that he absolutely can understand everything I say; and I have not been disappointed by his responses and attempts to communicate in creative ways. He's a rock star.

All that to say, we decided it was time to give Judah a BIG boy bed! Jared built him one to match Ezra's, but Judah's sits on the floor. Eventually, when he's able to get in and out, we'll mount his to the wall, too; but for now this is perfect. He's spent 2 nights and 2 nap times in his new bed, and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! He's so tiny in there! He stays put and snuggles in to go to sleep. And he grins from ear to ear every time we make a big deal about his new big boy bed. I love that he's in a big bed, because now Jared and I can lie down with him like we do with our other kids sometimes. I just can't believe how quickly he's suddenly growing up!

His recovery is going really well. Every day there's less bruising, and the swelling is gone! He's looking more and more like his new self. I was looking at some pictures from last summer, and there is such a stark contrast between then and now. He looks older, more alert and aware, more like his peers, awake (no more comments about my wide awake boy looking like he's so tired or needs a nap or just woke up - ugh)! All of a sudden he has these big, beautiful eyes! And he makes this face. He makes a little "o" with his mouth and says, "Ooooo". With his sparkling, round eyes he looks like the cutest little hoot owl. We see the specialist today, and I expect nothing but good things. We also get to go down to just 5 times a day for 2 days with the ointment. Then 4 times, then 3...we're almost there! Judah is doing really well with that now, too. He's resigned himself to the fact that it has to happen.

While I'm thinking about it, I should list some of his new accomplishments:

- He signs "Daddy", "Play", and "Shoe"
- He says "All Done!"
- He's putting puzzle pieces together
- He squats on his feet for a couple seconds at a time, trying to stand
- He climbs stairs
- He loves cleaning his tray with a wash cloth
- He is on his feet all the time! *However, his ankles are buckling again. He's being fitted for new braces    
  this week.
- He loves his new OT, is getting used to the rest of his new team, and has made the transition to a new
  team really well! (Better than his Mama...naturally.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jared, Judah, and I all had a much better night. Deep, wonderful sleep in between every 2 hr. ointment dose. I almost felt like a new person this morning:) Today has been better all around, and Judah's swelling has gone down even more! I just can't get over those big, bright eyes! I'm praying that the dr. won't have to make any adjustments to how far he pulled his lids up, but that remains to be seen. Judah has follow-up with the specialist on Tues. This afternoon we got to go down to ointment every 3 hrs. That 1 hr. makes quite a difference! I can't wait til this healing process is totally over & we get to see exactly how Judah will look. He looks so different already; imagine what he'll look like when all the swelling and bruising is gone!

That bath felt good!

I left him with his sister 5 min. too long.
He didn't seem to mind.

Judah has new words! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healing Prayer

After a really rough night, Judah woke up with a smile on his face! He's definitely feeling much better today...and thanks to the gift of Tylenol, we were even able to get a few smiles out of him last night. He's tired today, he wants a few more cuddles than usual; but he's playing, and smiling, and was happy to be at the YFC office for a little while this morning. He totally took advantage of the opportunity to get more cuddles from more people there. The swelling seems to have gone down a little around his eyebrows, so maybe the doc's prediction of peaking on Fri. morning will be wrong. I hope so.

Getting out of bed this morning after so little sleep was not easy; so finding 17 encouraging, uplifting, prayer-backed messages in my inbox was incredibly life-giving! What a beautiful way to start my day. Thank you so much to each one of you who have spent time in prayer on our behalf. And thanks to those of you who have texted your love to me as well:) The guys at the office had a time of prayer surrounding us, too. I've been struck again by how powerful prayer really is. Or maybe by how powerful the act of prayer can be in or for a person's life. Just knowing that so many care so deeply for Judah...that by itself is healing in a way. I absolutely believe that God can and still does physically heal people in all kinds of ways, in all walks of life. However, when He chooses to use illness as a means to glorify Himself, I believe that He also provides other kinds of healing along the way. Spiritual, mental, emotional. Even relational. He does so, so much - reveals His power and His glory in so many amazing ways - in a person's life, and the lives around them, without ever having to make the physical stuff any better. I needed that reminder today. Thanks, God.

Bright Eyes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eyelid Surgery Sucks Right Now

I didn't really know how else to title this one. It is what it is right now. The surgery went well today, and Judah handled the procedure and anesthesia like a pro. He's been sleeping on and off all afternoon - we were home by 1 - but he's uncomfortable when he's awake. Who wouldn't be with all that swelling?! Putting the ointment in his eyes is awful. One of those things parents have to do to their kids because they love them, but wish they could swear through the whole thing because it's awful for him. I hate that. Please be praying for this specifically. He has to have ointment every 2 hrs. for 48; then every 3 hrs. for 48 and on down the line until we get to 5x a day, 4x a day, until we're down to ZERO. It's going to be a long week, I fear. I'm sure he'll do better and better as the days go by, knowing how "champy" he is, but in this moment it's just hard to see him like this and know what I have to do to him all week.

Lydia was her classic, nurturing, sweet little self when she saw him for the first time. She looked at him, looked at me, gave her head a little shake and said, "Well, he doesn't look good." She quickly followed that up with assurances like, "Judah, you look cute with puffy eyes" and "It's OK, Judah, you're still cute"! Ezra had tears when he saw him, and I spent some time holding him, telling him how proud I am of him and his tender heart. Reassuring him about Judah. Telling him what a wonderful big brother God made him to be for Judah. Eli is taking everything in stride.

I'm eager for the next couple of days to be over. Swelling will peak around Friday morning, and then he should start feeling a little more like himself. Thanks for praying!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A blast from the past...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm the blast from the past. I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last spent time here! Busy, busy, busy. So much has happened in our lives; so much change. Some time I'll have to get here to put it down. I'm also thinking of starting another blog. More of a family one with an emphasis on YFC stuff. We'll see. Anyway, Judah's eyelid surgery is set for tomorrow morning at 8. He's looking, sounding, and feeling really good today so all systems are officially go. Thanks to each of you who will be praying for us tomorrow and throughout the following week of recovery.
Praying for unrestricted vision for this precious Little Lion!