Thursday, December 29, 2016

Getting To Know Jude 🎼

Does anyone else hear Julie Andrews singing "Getting to Know You" right now? No? Just me then? Ok. In an effort to catch everyone up, I decided to write about things that Judah loves. Or does not love. What makes him tick. And what keeps us laughing. I have no idea how many installments there will actually be. Or in what order they'll show up in. I can promise, though, that they'll be entertaining, inspiring, and even challenging. Because Judah is. 

Judah's favorite book is his Bible. Hands down. No contest. Every time. In July he was given his very first "real" Bible from Lindsay, one of our Kids Life directors at church. 
**Also something to know about Judah: He loooves church. The people, the music, his friends; but most specifically Kids Life. Every Sunday morning our pastor - or whomever is teaching - calls the kids down to the front row for their own introduction to what they'll be learning in Kids Life that day. Most mornings Judah can't even wait for the invite to the front. He knows it's coming. He's almost always out of his seat already - sometimes even headed out to the aisle...or down the aisle - and when he finally hears, " come to the front" he cheers and claps, or exclaims and claps, or squeals and claps. There are several versions of his elation. Once in front, there are always questions for the kids to answer; and regardless of the question...sometimes before the entire question is even asked...there's Judah, front and center, waving his hand in the air, practically bouncing right out of his seat, like the only thing he's ever wanted to do in life is answer THAT question! I'm always a little nervous when he gets called on, which is a lot. Who doesn't want to hear from the most enthusiastic kid in the room? I just never know what he might say. There is always some kind of hesitation on his part. He's DYING to answer, but when he FINALLY gets called on, he suddenly doesn't know what to say. Or something. Sometimes it sounds like this: " forgot." More often it's, "" fill in the blank with something truly adorable and endearing and right. Thanks to all that Bible reading he does in his new favorite book, he can pretty much answer any Bible story question correctly. OR any question from the previous week, because he has a memory like...something that has a stellar memory. His ability to remember things never ceases to amaze me. Once the kids are dismissed, they all head off in a line to go to Kids Life. And there's Judah. The only one in the whole crew aged 5-11 bounding and skipping and clapping along the way.**
He has taken that Bible everywhere! It lived in his backpack for a little while, because he insisted on having it at school with him. It's been on all kinds of errands. He carries it around the house, and then forgets where he leaves it. "Mom, where's my Bible?" is a pretty common question around here. Before that dear Book was even 6 months old I had to repair the binding and cover with book tape. It had come off completely. A good problem to have I'd say, given the fact that the "wear and tear" had come from so much love and affection. 

He loves to page through His Bible, and look at the different sidebars and text boxes filled with all kinds of interesting information. But he also loves to sit and read it. Just read it. He'll find a passage that suits his fancy at the moment (how he decides I have NO idea) and just read. Sometimes aloud, which is my absolute favorite. There is nothing more precious than listening to Judah's sweet voice - his expression and tone - as he reads God's Word. 

I can always tell when Judah's been reading, whether I've actually seen him do it or not, because of the questions he'll randomly ask me. 
"Mom, who was Moses again?"
"Mom, how old is Jesus?"
"Mom, what's a commandment?"
"Mom, why did Jesus have to die on the cross?"
"Mom, were Cain and Abel brothers?"

Then there were the few weeks he was completely enamored with the story of Adam and Eve. He thought it was hilarious that they were naked. Once he finally understood that they were married ("like you and Dad, Mom!") I heard a lot of, "Mom, Adam and Eve were married, and Eve became pregnant!" I think his fascination with Eve being pregnant goes back to his total and complete love of babies. A "Getting to Know" post for another time. 

I have to be honest. I don't understand Judah's fascination with his Bible. He esteems that Book more highly than any other book. And he has A LOT. He's 7. What 7 year old does that? Somehow he knows it's special. He pores over it. And I'm actually a little jealous. To have that kind of wonder, enthusiasm, and childish delight for my Bible. That would

I can't begin to guess what goes on in Judah's head - or heart - when he reads his favorite book. I have no idea what he actually understands, or to what degree he grasps the Truths he reads there. I do, however, believe absolutely that his love for that Book is a gift. God gave that to him, and I believe that He's using it in ways I don't see yet. I don't know what salvation Truth Judah is able to comprehend, but I know he has some kind of relationship with Jesus through his Bible. I love to think about how God might use this someday. Or what he might whisper to Judah's heart as he reads now.

Judah also has a thing for head gear. He wore this fedora to church on several occasions. He melts my heart.

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