Sunday, December 25, 2016

Welcome, Friend

3 months ago I sat down and started a post. Finally. And we are 3 months later, trying to pick up where I left off. Story of my life. Since my last post I've learned something about myself. I am an all or nothing kind of person, and I don't do multiple things at a time well. 3 weeks after my last post I was offered a job at my kids' elementary school as a paraprofessional. No way could I turn it down. God was handing me an opportunity to invest in and impact kids and parents! I'm really good at my job. And God has done really amazing things since putting me there! But, I haven't written in over 2 years. So there's that.

Writing is very important to me. God uses it to teach and change my heart. It's one of the ways I love to worship. I have missed it. A lot. I know it's something I'm supposed to do, because it makes me love Jesus more, and He uses it for more than just me.

Today Jared gave me a Chromebook for Christmas. I'm ridiculously excited about it, because it makes writing so accessible! I've been without a good computer and my iPad doesn't have a keyboard. It's been easy to make excuses...but no more!

I feel a sense of relief sitting here writing. Like an old friend came to stay. I love it. I'll do my best to catch everyone up on Judah. 2+ years will be hard to cover, but pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll try to include plenty.

Merry Christmas!

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