Monday, April 9, 2018

A Picture's Worth a 1,000 Words... February - February in no particular order

Halloween 2017
Wonder Woman and Aaron Rodgers. 

July 2017
The dog is not supposed to be in her bed. But I absolutely could not shoo him out. These 3. 

April 2017
Judah is always ready to strike a pose. But if you're that adorable...

April 2017: Driveway shenanigans

Disney World, February 2017
Highlights: ice cream, dancing in the streets, meeting Olaf
Bummer: getting influenza & sleeping through the last 2 days

Judah's 8th birthday was on a Sunday. Best. Day. Ever. Yup. That's us at church. 
Again. Birthday on a Sunday + church babies = Best. Day. Ever.

June 2017: YFC Over the Edge
I was so proud of Judah for tackling this wall!

July 2017: This is what happens when your parents work a fireworks tent.
Notice Judah's head gear. Dad's ear protection is a must when lighting ANY kind of firework.

Summer 2017
Now that his feet can touch the bottom, he's much happier in the pool!

September 2017
Again with the babies. Seriously. He is ALL about the babies!

August 2017
Lots of excitement at school about the solar eclipse!

August 2017
2nd grade open house.
There's nothing more exciting than graduating to your own desk.

August 2017
He LOVES the Omaha Children's Museum and the baby dolls/hospital nursery there!
His favorite OCM date is Grandmađź’–

August 2017: A Family Fun Night activity from Judah's Bible
Dress up the way people did in Jesus' day. You might even serve a Bible times meal. Read Matt. 10:24-25 & talk about what it was like in Jesus' day, and how we can be like Him today. (NIV Adventure Bible)
Thanks to Judah, we had 100% participation AND a really good time together.

September 2017
Grandma found a guitar for Judah at Good Will. He loves "playing" it and making up lyrics about Jesus.

September 2017
Yes, the baby love is contagious. We love babies so much we plan play dates with them. And don't invite their parents.  
October 2017: PHS Junior Cheer Clinic
Judah was the sole male participant in this clinic put on by our HS cheerleaders. Pictured is Shelby. Judah's favorite cheerleader, affectionately known as "my cheer coach!". The junior cheerleaders got to cheer at that night's football game. He nailed it. 

October 2017: Camping on the coldest weekend of that month.
And it was a blast.

December 2017
Judah might have been slightly more excited about meeting her baby.
We will forever be fans of Rose Wetzel.

April 2018
Judah loves "helping" Eli with sound at church.

March 2018
Judah is also SO proud to watch his big brother perform on stage.

February 2018
Ollie is sometimes the best medicine. 

January 2018: Saturday morning reading with Dad. Judah's got a Handyman magazine.
Of course.

July 2017: Family Vacay in Estes
Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park was a definite highlight for all of us!
August 2017
1st day of school

December 2017
When your big brother Ezra has cool new headphones and you want to be just like him.

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